Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

This is the first page of Dirty Maid Adventures. I couldn’t fit a lot of jokes on this page, so I opted to go with mystery, instead. Who is this person? What is she doing? You’ll have to tune in next monday to find out.

Coincidentally, the story being told by Thunk on this page is a true story––it actually happened. To us. More accurately, to me. Don’t worry, nobody was permanently injured and nothing was burned down, but I’m sure they’ll try harder next time. And of course, like all great events, some one went and wrote a poem about it.


Dirty Maid Adventures Presents:
Keys to the Kingdom, Part One
Title Card: La Historia de Principio, Spain. 1663…

Thunk: And with that, Hazy collapsed. Not from any wounds, mind you, but simply from sheer drunkness.
Thunk: …So he ended up reaching out for the nearest weapon he could find, and he ended up yanking it from the ground…

Thunk: The Captain pointed out that Hazy’d grabbed a torch, and it was on fire. Undaunted, Hazy began swinging it around in the the Captain’s direction.
Thunk: And at that point, the discussion of who had eaten the morning’s hard tack was completely forgotten.