Here’s a quick tip for those of you writing Dirty Maid Adventures fan fiction. any time I’m stuck, I use this formula; Hazy + Pants removal= comedy gold.

We’re now reached the point where I had learned enough about using photoshop to start drawing the comic in it. It’ll take a fair number of pages before we really start to get good, but there’s some really fantastic art coming down the line, also some of my favorite jokes, the entire plot set up, and even a song, just in time for Easter.


Sin: “Tell me we got something from that whole fiasco.”
Seamus the Black: “O’ course we did. See, Hazy charmed the pants off o’ a Spanish sailor… ”

Sin: “Oh god I hope that’s some kind of metaphor.”
Seamus the Black: “S’not even a euphemisim. He was wearin’ em like a cape fer a few days. An’ if ya asked about it all he would say was “ta the victor goes the spoils.” over an’ over.”