Hello all, my name is Justin M. Whitmore, and I’m the guy who writers and draws all of this, on occasion I also… write and draw things for the site that aren’t the comic, but we’ll get into that later, right now I’m supposed to tell you what this is.

It all started when Ben got a job at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.

One of us suggested we create suggested we create a crew of pirates to attend the Pirate Day––and we did. As time went by, the crew became characters in their own right, and the craziness of improving them was something we wanted to share. Thus, Dirty Maid Adventures was born.

(I promise you, it’s not an adult-themed website, despite what the name and certain catchy show tunes about the Internet might imply.)

The Comic

I grew up reading comic books, and so I’m structuring the webcomic like one of the superhero comics of my childhood. (Geeks and pirates are nothing if not nostalgic.) New comics are pages in the story. Each story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. We’ll be posting new pages every Monday for now; I wish we could post more, I wish we could post every day, but I won’t create deadlines I can’t meet.

From the nagivation toolbar, you can jump to the most recent comic, the beginning of the current story, or the beginning of the whole comic, comprising several story arcs (eventually).